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More RiffTrax intro animation GIFs please!

I could watch this all day.



More RiffTrax intro animation GIFs please!

I could watch this all day.

I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I seriously cannot stop laughing.


Here is something for those interested in how our arguments about Objectification Theory in Women as Background Decorations Part 1 have been widely distorted, misrepresented and strawmanned. This long-form video by YouTuber L0G1C B0MB deconstructs some of the many logical fallacies…


So basically my bank screwed me over and took out two payments instead of one for my car loan. Long story short, I can’t get the money back easily or quickly and I really need that money. So. Emergency commission post.

If you have an idea for something, but it’s not listed here, let me know! I’m able make a lot of different things.

Scoodies:  $40-$80+
 - Simple scoodie (one or two colors) is the base $40, but any additions can run you up to the $80+. I can do basically any animal and I love doing comic book characters (Marvel/DC is my favorite, but I’m up for whatever).

Hats: $30
 - Animals/characters/crazy colors. I can do (or try to do) anything

Snails: $20 - $25+
 - Simple snails (non character, basically) is the base $20 and any additions will add up to the $25+. As most of my followers know, I can do a lot of different kinds of snails.

Cross stitch quotes: $25 - $30+
 - This one is both size and complexity. Around $25 for a 4 inch framed stitch, and around $30 for a 6 inch framed stitch. I can also go bigger, but the price will also raise. I’m willing to make whatever you’d like!

As always, there are things available in my etsy shop: [link]
I do have a lot of the more recent crochet items already made (Hogwarts scoodies/hats, Mario scoodies/hats, etc). So even though they’re set as made to order, a lot of them can go out right away!

Even if you’re not interested in buying anything, I would really appreciate a signal boost!

Please do not repost, reblog instead and leave all artists comments intact, thank you.

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every single one of these posts are gold


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Nicki Minaj’s alleged dig at Iggy Azalea was about so much more

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Throughout my time on tumblr I’ve learned that while I don’t like Nicki Minaj’s music in the least, I do like Nicki Minaj.  (And the nail polish line she did with OPI was awesome.  Just sayin’.)

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This is the single most important invention of 2014. No question about it.

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I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

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"You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain." 

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Lady Han Solo and Slave Prince Leia Photo shoot 

Cosplayers: C&C Cosplay

Photographer: Zach Picard

This is perfect.

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Meet the faces of the “I’m Sorry” campaign, a group of Christians who go to Chicago’s pride celebrations every year to apologize for their past hateful actions against LGBT people. The group started in 2010 and has since moved to other cities across the world. This is what love looks like. (via the Advocate

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