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In Atlantis, the fish in Whitmore’s aquarium are coelocanths. The coelocanth is a sort of “living fossil”, in that they were thought to be extinct until specimens were caught in the 1930s, over 20 years after the film is set. 

They’re worth a lot in Animal Crossing!

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    Whitmore has them in his aquarium because he is THAT FUCKING BOSS.
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    Coelocanths are awesome, especially the ones in Atlantis.
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    GASP Oh goodness. Now I feel like I need to draw Whitmore with Mister Ghost Host, looking at coelocanths. Argh.
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    yes excellent I love this movie so much
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    Preston Whitmore is a dielightfully eccentric old soul. I had the pleasure of meeting him once when I was mortal. He and...
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    Coelacanth. I love these fuckers … so fascinating. Also, I love Atlantis. I don’t care what anyone saaayyys~ Kida is...
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    They’re worth a lot in Animal Crossing!
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