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32 year old geek.
I love Rifftrax and AFI more than almost anything else. I love Walt Disney World more than any other place in the world, and got married there on Halloween 2008. I have an addiction to nail polish, and currently have over 300 bottles. I collect ABJDs but don't really do a lot with them. I love reading non fiction books though they're all a little strange and sometimes depressing. My current literary obsession is nuclear disasters. I have fibromyalgia and a couple of other issues that have a serious effect on my daily life. I'm more than my illnesses though. At least I think so.

I reblog a lot of pictures.

Josh Gates is not a bison.


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Sometimes I really wish I could climb into people’s heads so I could at least attempt to figure out what the hell they’re thinking.

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    I find it funny your looking for sanity on DA
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    I’m awfully confused
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    Was her daughter a zoophile?
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    what is what
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    I think the logic is that they’re a stupid motherfucker.
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    Casey Anthony jurors: All bestiality enthusiasts, apparently?
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    Where. Where are they getting that logic from.
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